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Cooperazione culturale


Cooperazione culturale

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The Italian presence in the cultural sector in Ghana dates back to 1956, when Prof. Vinigi Grottanelli started the first ethnological Italian mission that focused in the study of Nzema around the town of Axim.

There are currently collaborations between the University of Ghana-Legon and some Italian universities (especially Sapienza, Pisa, and Urbino), in the form of studies, research and seminars in the fields of anthropology and history. On the initiative of Prof. Valsecchi of the University of Teramo, a cooperation agreement has been established between the University of Teramo, the Milan-Bicocca and the University of Ghana-Legon. A new perspective for the diffusion of our language and our culture (which has suffered from the closure of the Institute of Culture in Accra in 1996) has now opened with the inclusion of Italian in the Department of Language at the University of Ghana Legon. This project has been made possible thanks to a contribution from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Italian Embassy also participates regularly at the "Week of Italian language in the world", organizing cultural events appealing to the Ghanaian public and the international community in Accra. In 2006, it offered a concert of opera and an exhibition of antique prints that illustrated the experiences of the first European travelers along the coasts of the Gulf of Guinea. The 2009 edition, entitled "Italian Creativity in Art, Science and Technology", witnessed series of cultural events (held in October in both Ghana and Togo). It also exposed the Italian military architecture of the 16th century and the screening of a documentary about Galileo Galilei.

Following those events were concerts of the Sardinian jazzman Enzo Favata, accompanied by his Atlantic Quartet, and a film festival entitled "The New Italian Cinema", which included nine films of emerging directors.